Sun Joe vs Greenworks De-Thatchers – Compared

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Part of having a great-looking lawn is making sure the soil is healthy so that the entire lawn can thrive. One of your jobs in accomplishing this is to get rid of any thatch that has become part of your soil. Thatch is located between the soil and the grass and can stunt the growth of the grass if left there too long.

A de-thatching machine will get rid of the thatch so that the soil can be healthier and will let in more water and nutrients. The good news is that these de-thatchers work much the same as regular lawnmowers, so they are super easy to use.

Since Sun Joe and Greenworks both make great de-thatching machines, let’s take a look at the two of them and see how they compare.

Sun Joe

Sun Joe makes de-thatching machines of many different sizes, but they all work essentially the same way. The 15-inch, 13-amp machine, for instance, is an electric corded de-thatcher that is perfect for small- to mid-sized lawns. It has special blades that fit underneath the machine and de-thatches the soil as you operate it. Like a lawnmower, this de-thatcher comes with a collection bag that collects the thatch so that you can easily dispose of it afterwards. It is easy to operate and is 15 inches wide to cover large areas of lawn at a time, which means that the entire de-thatching job can be done quickly.

Sun Joe AJ801E 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher w/Collection Bag, Green

The spring steel tines on this machine do a great job of removing the thatch and aerating the soil. It even comes with a scarifier function that cuts the grass roots to enable thicker growth and healthier lawns. If you’ve noticed brown, dry patches in your yard and watering the grass doesn’t seem to do much, you likely have a thatch problem and this mower helps get rid of it. The raking function has five different positions that allow you to get the depth just right, going from 0 inches below the soil to 0.4 inches above the soil, which ensures that none of the thatch will be left behind. Best of all, at a price of around $180, you won’t have to go broke just to take care of your thatch problem.

Because this is an electric machine, you have a low-maintenance machine at your disposal. It never needs gas, oil, or tune-ups, so you save both time and money while you own it. The company offers a full two-year warranty on the machine, and all you have to do to operate it is use it as you would your lawnmower. The Sun Joe de-thatching machine is low-maintenance, super easy to use, and reasonably priced. It can make a huge difference in how your lawn looks from this point forward.


  • Special technology allows the blades to stay sharper longer
  • It is fast and simple because of the 15-inch width
  • You can dispose of the thatch easily because of the detachable collection bag
  • It comes in sizes other than the 15-inch one to accommodate all lawn sizes


  • Some complaints about it breaking shortly after purchase
  • Some claims that the collection bag clogs up frequently


Just like Sun Joe, Greenworks makes great de-thatching machines, including one that has 10 amps and is 14 inches wide. For just under $170, you can get this particular de-thatching mower plus a 50-foot extension cord that helps you cover a large piece of ground without having to unplug it and plug it in somewhere else. With 10 amps, you get power that is close to what a gas-powered machine offers, yet you never have to worry about adding gas, checking the oil level, or having the de-thatcher tuned up periodically. This is indeed a low-maintenance and easy-to-operate de-thatching machine.

Greenworks 10 Amp 14-Inch Corded Dethatcher, 27022

The tines on this de-thatcher come in three different depth levels to make sure that they’re getting deep in the soil and removing the thatch. The thatch is easily removed; therefore, you’ll have grass that grows and thrives before you know it. Because of the 14-inch width of the mower, you can de-thatch your lawn quickly because you’re covering such a large area of lawn at a time. The tines themselves are made out of stainless steel and are made with special technological advances that help them stay sharp for a very long time, meaning that you’ll be able use the machine for a very long time without any maintenance.

You also get extra perks such as an easy push-button start, foldable handles that make storing it somewhere a piece of cake, and a total of 18 sharp tines that guarantee a job well done every time. It operates smoothly and quietly, and requires no batteries and no necessary charging. All you have to do is take it out, plug it in, and start working. It can be put together quickly and can be operated regardless of how much experience you have. This is one machine that you’ll see great results from right away, and it’s perfect for yards of most sizes.


  • Comes complete with a 50-foot extension cord
  • Is easy to store away when it’s not being used
  • Is low-maintenance and easy to utilize
  • Is very reasonably priced


  • Some claim that the attachment could be bigger
  • You have to replace the tines periodically to keep it working right


De-thatching machines work wonders getting rid of the thatch in your lawn so your grass can grow and thrive. Getting rid of thatch is not difficult because these machines work the same as regular lawnmowers to make the process super easy and fast. Sun Joe and Greenworks are companies that both make high-quality, long-lasting de-thatching machines that are backed by great warranties and can be learned before you know it. De-thatching mowers lift up the grass blades by the roots to remove the thatch, where it then goes into the detachable bag that you can empty afterwards with no trouble.

Before you buy your first de-thatching mower, a little due diligence is important and starting with reputable brands is your first step. De-thatchers are important tools to keep your yard looking its best and the best part is that most of them cost a lot less than you think.

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