Black Medic Identification Guide (Look for these 5 things!)

The black medic plant resembles clover and in fact, many people think that’s what it is. The main difference is that the black medic plant has bright yellow flowers and a short stalk in the middle leaflet. The lateral leaflets look a little different because they’re attached close to the petiole of the plant. What […]

Goosegrass Identification Guide (Look for these 5 things!)

When you come across a weed, it can sometimes be hard to identify. Is it something you can get rid of quickly, or is it something that is going to be difficult to remove? One of these weeds that is easy to confuse is goosegrass (Eleusine Indica) which is a summer annual weed that tends […]

Mowing the Lawn While Pregnant: Is it Safe?

When you’re pregnant, there are naturally going to be things you cannot do, but is mowing the lawn one of them? According to most experts, pregnant women can indeed mow the lawn, even though there are certain exceptions. Since each pregnancy is different, you should always check with your doctor before getting out your lawn […]

Lawn Rust 101: Things You Should Know About Lawn Rust

Lawn rust is a lawn disease that is also called rust disease or puccinia spp. It loves shade, heat, and humidity, and you’ll also find it in soils that are low in nitrogen. That alone makes it an unusual lawn disease. Lawn rust results from an infection caused by different fungi, and it’s called rust […]