How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Lawn Aerator?

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There are many times when you may not want to purchase a lawn aerator. If you’re only using it for the odd job you might decide to rent an aerator instead of buying one. This can be a great way to try out different types of lawn aerators, which can be useful in determining which mower is best for you. You also don’t need to worry about maintenance costs either. Once you hand it back, you’re done with it.

Lawn aerators are usually priced per day. On average, a standard walk-behind gas model will cost $80 – $120 for the day. Prices will vary between the types of aerators and by location. Riding aerators will be more expensive than walk-behind models.

The best way to save money is to do your research online. You can rent all kinds of lawn equipment, not just aerators and the way to find the best price is look around on different websites.

How Much Does Renting an Aerator Cost?

The average amount of money for renting an aerator is $120 a day. Larger, gas powered-aerators, will be more, especially if they are newer models.

You also have to factor in some hidden fees too like taxes and optional charges.

There is usually always a minimum rental price

I’ve never seen an aerator with a minimum rental price under $50 or so.

Be prepared to pay a deposit

You can expect to pay a deposit when you pick up the equipment which is usually only payable by credit card. Make sure you bring valid photo ID too! A lot of companies will require this.

It’s only about the rental fee…

Remember that the cost to aerate is not the only factor. A lot of the aerator machines are quite large so you will need to have the ability to transfer the machine between the rental company and your location. You’ll want to factor in cost of gas too. While one company may offer a slightly lower price, you might be better off renting from somewhere that’s slightly closer.

Look at the Type of aerator

An aerator big term used for many types of machines and manual equipment.

There are few different types of aerators available to rent so when you are choosing one, it’s good to know which one is which.

Here is a basic breakdown of the different types of lawn aerators that are usually rented. I’ve included an estimate of what you can expect to pay to rent each type of aerator.

Type Working Width Day Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
Self-propelled 18″ 85 USD 318 USD 852 USD
Self-propelled 27″ 100 USD 260 USD 670 USD
Ride on 30″ 165 USD 475 USD 1320 USD
Tow-behind 30″-36″ 60 USD 209 USD 400 USD
Push aerator 13 USD 62 USD 190 USD

Essentially there are two types of aerators. These are core aerators and spike aerators. These two methods are used manual and mechanical tools but the goal of any aerator remains very similar.

With a core aerator you pull tiny plugs of soil called cores out of the ground. This leaves small holes in the lawn allowing for more airflow.

With a spike aerator, the tines are solid. These work best for sandy soils. I wouldn’t recommend using them if your soil is clay based.

If you’ve got a very small yard, you might just want to use a hand aerator. These are so useful I’d recommend getting one of these no matter what size yard you have. You can use them for hard to reach areas that a large machine can’t get to. You can also use them to pull cores to be used a soil sample for a soil test.

If you have a lawn, obviously you can’t get way with using one of these. It’s not like you have all day long to aerate so you’re going to want some mechanical help.

Th operate in a similar way to a regular lawn mower. You can start them by pulling a cord and the self-propulsion system. They come a few different sizes. Obviously the but they

 can be trickier in areas where there is less room.

Other things to look out for

If you are planning on renting an aerator, here are some of the things that you might want to pay attention to:

  • Covered lift grips
  • Removable rear wheels
  • Max core depth
  • Number of core aerator spoons
  • Aerator width
  • Pneumatic vs flat-free tires

Good websites to find an aerator rental on will be:

  • Sunbeltrentals – Have a vast range of different equipment and tools available. You can enter your location to get more accurate pricing to where you live.
  • Home Depot – This is one of most popular places to rent lawn equipment from.
  • Lowes tool rental is also great for letting you borrow commercial tools from some really great brands. You can find the store closest to you and see what they have available.

Save money through research

From good research looking at a variety of different sites, you can potentially save yourself some money although many of the prices I’ve looked at appear pretty consistent. Different companies might have slightly lower prices, or you might find a deal on if you’re lucky.

If you are going to spend money on renting an aerator, make sure the specifications are going to be suitable for your lawn.

In Conclusion

Lawn aerators are typically available to rent for the following rental periods:

  • 4-hour periods
  • 24 hours
  • One week
  • One month

Renting an aerator is sometimes better than purchasing one. Aeration is not something you do as regularly as cutting the lawn. It should only be done if there is too much soil compaction. It’s generally done in the spring or the fall when the grass is growing strong and able to recover quickly. If you’re aren’t need to regularly aerate, you don’t need to go out to spend money on a machine. You can save yourself some storage space too!

I fully understand renting lawn equipment can be a bit of a pain. Most aerators are pretty large and heavy, so transporting them around can cause you hassle.

If you’re really, you could also ask a neighbour or someone closer by an ask to borrow their equipment.

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