4 Most Popular Dethatcher Rental Services

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Dethatchers are lawn care tools that help property owners remove thatch from lawns. Over time, dead leaves and other debris collects and forms a mat under the blades of grass on top of the soil, and it can prevent the roots from getting the nutrients, water, and air that they need to thrive and grow. People often dethatch their lawns when they notice a build up, and they perform dethatching maintenance once a year. 

A dethatcher is similar to a lawn mower, but it has vertical blades that cut through the thatch buildup to remove it. You don’t need to perform this service more than once a year, so people often rent a dethatcher when it is time to dethatch the yard. If you purchase a dethatcher for your home, you will pay anywhere from $120 for a device you push around the yard to more than $700 for one that looks similar to a mower. For this reason, it is often worthwhile to rent one when you need it. 

Where to Rent a Dethatcher

You can usually find dethatcher rentals at local lawn equipment rental stores. There are some that are specific to your location, and there are some bigger national chains, such as Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Renting a Dethatcher From Home Depot

Home Depot is located in most cities in the United States, and you can rent all kinds of lawn equipment from them, including dethatchers. You can rent high-quality machines that will efficiently remove thatch from your lawn, and they are inexpensive. They offer different options for your rental, including the following:

  • Hourly (four hours): $54
  • Daily: $77
  • Weekly: $308
  • Monthly: $924

These prices will vary throughout the United States, but this is the general range. You can reserve your rental online. All you need to do is go to the Home Depot website and find Home Depot Tool Rental at your local store. You can look at the rental cost specific to the location as well as the hours and whether or not your dethatcher is available. 

Be sure to read through their rental policy and choose the delivery method that is best for you, and you can pay for it online. You will need your ID and a credit card to book the rental. 

The benefit of renting from Home Depot is that you can find one in just about any city in the United States. They have reasonable prices and versatile rental periods, so you can usually find what you want.

Renting a Dethatcher From Lowe’s

Lowe’s is another major retailer in the United States, and they also offer dethatcher rentals. They have several different models available, including the John Deere 40” Dethatcher, the Greenworks 14” Dethatcher, and the Agri Fab Dethatcher. These are all reliable brands, so you can have confidence that they do a good job. 

Although the prices for dethatcher rentals will vary across the country, they generally charge the following:

  • Hourly: $49
  • Daily: $79
  • Weekly: $304
  • Monthly: $927

If you want to rent from Lowe’s, you can do so online. Go to their official website, and click on the tool rental program. You can find the store closest to you, and check the exact rental cost, their hours, and what tools are available. Make sure that you read through their rental policy and choose the delivery method for your dethatcher rental. You can pay online using a credit card.

Renting a Dethatcher From Sunbelt Rentals

Another popular equipment rental company in the United States is Sunbelt Rentals. They have locations in many different areas, and they offer dethatcher tools for rent. They have a working width of up to 20” and fold down handles for easy transport. They offer the following prices:

  • Daily: $91
  • Weekly: $220
  • Monthly: $515

The prices will likely vary in different locations. If you are interested in renting from Sunbelt, you can go to their website. Enter your zip code, and they will show you what they have available. You can pay for it and reserve it online, and they offer curbside pick up. It is an affordable option for dethatching machine rentals.

Renting a Dethatcher From United Rentals

United Rentals has more than 1,100 locations in the United States, and they rent dethatchers. They have both 18” and 20” dethatchers for rent, and they offer different brands, including Billy Goat, Bluebird, and Classen. Most of their tools convert to being an overseeder as well, so the machine can do both applications. They have a three-position handle for comfort, and the handle folds down for easy transport. Their rental prices are as follows:

  • Daily: $67
  • Weekly: $252
  • Monthly: $519

This price will vary across the country, so you will want to sign onto their website to check the exact price in your location. Once you enter your location, they will show you exactly what they have available and how much it costs. You can receive it online and go for curbside pick up. The benefit of using them is that they have machines that can also be used for overseeding, and people often do these two services back to back.

FAQ: Should You Buy or Rent a Dethatcher?

Whether or not you should buy a dethatcher depends on how often you plan to use it and how extensive your project is.

If you have a large piece or property that spans over many acres, you could benefit from owning a dethatcher. However, if you have a standard single family home and plan to do this one time or as a regular part of your annual maintenance, it could be worthwhile to rent the dethatcher.

Owning one will lead to costs for maintenance and making sure that you store it properly, so if it is a one-time or once a year small job, you will benefit from the simplicity of renting.

Final Words

If you only need to use a dethatcher for a one time clean up or an annual maintenance, you can save yourself the hassle of owning by renting this tool from a local store. You have a number of different options, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

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