Where to Rent a Lawn Scarifier

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Although it can be a rewarding and even relaxing experience to take care of a lawn, there are some important factors to keep in mind before heading out to tend to any yard. For starters, it is vital to have the appropriate tools for the job. 

Sometimes, an ordinary mower or weed trimmer is not enough for seriously overgrown or thatched areas. Instead of purchasing expensive equipment that will take up space and only be used on rare occasions, it might make more sense to simply rent what is needed and return it when the job is over.

Fortunately, there are several places where anyone can rent a lawn scarifier, which is an excellent instrument used to aerate and clear out pesky patches of a lawn.

It is always helpful to take some of the physically demanding aspects out of yard work, and the right tools can make such labor a lot less stressful. We will discuss a few of the most common places to rent scarifiers for specific jobs, but it might be helpful to first identify how a homeowner or landscaper will know if such a device is necessary.

What Does a Lawn Scarifier Do?

Although scarification is related to lawn aeration, it is typically not needed as often. Specifically, the process involves scoring an entire yard with tiny spikes or blades that help remove weeds, thatch, and even moss. 

Most experts recommend using this process to refresh a lawn following the winter frost, and some people opt to use a scarifier again during the fall. The tool collects all of the debris that is removed from the lawn, and its contents can easily be dumped out when the process is complete. 

In effect, a lawn scarifier serves a purpose similar to that of a rake, though it can make much quicker work of any such job. Choose from a manually operated option or a gas-powered device depending on the size of the lawn and how much time can be devoted to upkeep and maintenance. For anyone who doesn’t want to spend the money necessary to purchase a scarifier, there are likely several local businesses with these devices in stock and available for rent. Here are a few of the most common places to rent a lawn scarifier.

Home Improvement Stores

Almost every community has at least a few home improvement centers within a reasonable distance. For this reason, choosing a big-box retailer such as Lowe’s or Home Depot might be the most convenient option for many customers. Most of these locations have a section devoted to providing tool rentals, and many of them will have a lawn scarifier in stock.

Before visiting stores such as these to rent a scarifier, be sure to check online or reach out via phone to ensure that the proper tool is available for rent. There are likely some requirements for entering into a rental agreement, such as providing proof of identification and accepting liability for any damage or injury that results from the use of a lawn scarifier. 

One potential downside of relying of a home improvement center is that these businesses typically have a smaller inventory than other options on our list. For that reason, anyone looking for a specific product might need to be flexible and find a compromise that will accomplish the same goal if the preferred choice is not available. 

These stores also often have the most flexibility for people who need to rent by the hour, a half-day, a full day, or even longer. The rates can vary depending on the model of the lawn scarifier and the location of the store, but customers should expect to pay between $60 and $70 for a four-hour rental of a gas-powered device. A full-day rental will likely be about twice that amount.

Tool Rental Centers

For individuals living close to a business that specializes in offering tool rentals, this might be the option. One key benefit is that the employees are likely to be well-versed in the specifics regarding how to use a lawn scarifier as well as which product would be best suited for a particular yard. 

These businesses also typically have a wide selection of tools and products from which to choose. This means that customers can browse the selection and get plenty of helpful advice before leaving the store with a rented device. 

Choosing an electric or manual version from one of these locations can be a less expensive option, with rates sometimes starting below $50 for a half-day and $100 for a full day. Gas-powered scarifiers typically cost about the same amount to rent from one of these businesses as they do at a big box shop, but since tool rental centers are often independently owned and operated, the price range can vary dramatically from one location to another. In addition to signing a waiver and providing appropriate identification, each business has its own specific requirements for anyone who rents a scarifier or any other tool.

Garden Centers

A final option for people in the market for a lawn scarifier rental is a nursery or similar garden shop. Like tool rental stores, the staff at these locations are generally very knowledgeable and can offer customers plenty of specific advice regarding how best to care for their lawns. 

Of course, these businesses are generally focused on selling plants and supplies, so tool rental can seem like an afterthought. The supply is often limited, and many nurseries might not have the product a customer requests or even another tool that can accomplish the same job. 

A quick phone call can help determine whether it is worth visiting a garden center in person. If the location does offer an appropriate scarifier, the rental rate often falls in line with that of tool rental businesses. Since such products are likely in short supply, however, consumers should expect to pay a premium rate when the inventory gets especially low.

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