Does a Lawn Mower Need Oil?

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If you are new to owning or using a lawn mower, you will probably want to start with the basics. It’s important that you learn what your lawn mower needs before you start using it, so that you are able to prevent any kind of damage or trouble before it happens. 

Does a Lawn Mower Need Oil?

The short answer is that yes…lawn mowers do need oil to be able to run properly.

To be able to work smoothly and properly, you will need to have oil in your lawn mower. Think about the engine of a lawn mower in the same way that you would think about the engine of a car.

If your lawn mower does not have oil in it, the lawn mower will not be able to work properly. Without oil, your lawn mower might not even work at all, and there will definitely be problems down the line if you try to continually use a lawn mower that does not have a sufficient amount of oil.

Does a Lawn Mower Need Oil to Start?

A lot of lawn mowers will not even be able to start if they don’t have oil. It’s important for you to have a good amount of oil in your lawn mower so that the engine is able to work properly.

If you are unable to start your lawn mower, checking the oil level is a great place to start. Most lawn mowers are sold without oil at all, so if you have just purchased a new lawn mower and it does not start, look to see if it has any oil in it. 

This is likely the problem with starting a lawn mower. Once you have checked to make sure that the oil level is where it needs to be, make sure that you add any necessary oil to your lawn mower and try to start it again. The problem will most likely be solved by just adding oil.

How Much Oil Do Lawn Mowers Need?

In general, your lawn mower will probably take about 20 to 25 fluid ounces of oil. This is only the case if you have a regular or small sized lawn mower and engine. If you have a large lawn mower, it will need more oil than that because the engine is bigger.

Make sure to check how much oil your specific lawn mower needs in your owner’s guide. Every engine has the potential to vary on the amount of oil that it requires. By checking the manufacturer’s recommendation, you are avoiding any potential mistakes.

Do Lawn Mowers Need Oil Changes?

Yes, your lawn mower will need to have its oil changed just like the engine of a car. Since lawn mower engines are much smaller than car engines, they will need to have their oil changed more regularly than the engine of a car.

In general, you will need to change the oil of a small lawn mower about every 20 to 40 hours of total use. This is a wide range of time, so check your owner’s guide to see what your lawn mower requires.

To change the oil, you’ll need a fluid extractor pump (link to Amazon). You can also use this for gas and water.

I’d also recommend picking up an oil drain pan too (I use this one).

How Do You Know If Your Lawn Mower Needs Oil?

The easiest way to know if your lawn mower needs oil is to use a dipstick to check the oil level. In a lawn mower, the level should be within the first two markers of the stick. If it is lower, you will need to change the oil.

What Kind of Oil Goes in a Lawn Mower?

You should use SAE 30 oil for your lawn mower. This is a great type of oil that is generally for use in small engine lawn mowers, and works for most kinds of lawn mowers.

If you are unsure of what oil to use for your lawn mower, and do not think that SAE 30 is a good option, check with your owner’s guide. There, you will likely find the oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. 

Follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer if they do not recommend SAE 30 oil. It is best to use the recommended options for your lawn mower, as it will likely be the best option for the engine to run well.

In order to add oil, you’ll need a funnel. I’d also recommend picking up some reusable wipes to clean up any spillage (links to Amazon).

What Happens If You Don’t Change Oil in a Lawn Mower?

If the oil level in your lawn mower is low enough, chances are that your lawn mower won’t even start. However, if the oil level of your lawn mower goes unchecked and is too low or too old, there are significant consequences.

Without proper oil, the engine of your lawn mower will start to wear out. This happens a lot faster when the oil is old or there isn’t enough oil in the engine.

What Happens If You Put Too Much Oil in Your Lawn Mower?

It can be very dangerous to overfill your lawn mower with oil. It could cause problems such as damage to the engine, oil leaks, and even overheating, which will cause your lawn mower to produce smoke.

When you are adding new oil to your lawn mower, make sure that you are only adding as much as it needs. If you put in too much, you will have to make sure that you drain out whatever is extra so that your engine will not have any problems.

How Long Does Oil Last in a Lawn Mower?

How long oil lasts depends on how large your lawn mower is. In general, it could last anywhere from 20 to 50 hours of use. It’s important to check the owner’s guide when you first use your lawn mower with new oil. Make sure to change it when the guide recommends. 

Check the oil every once in a while to make sure that it is still relatively clean as well. Even if there is enough oil in the lawn mower, you will have to change it if it is too dirty and used.

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