Is There a Difference Between Stamped and Fabricated Mower Decks?

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When you are looking for a lawn mower, you will find that you can choose between a stamped deck or a fabricated deck. Many people wonder exactly what this means. They want to know the differences between the two, and how to make a good comparison.

A stamped deck is less expensive, and it will be lighter and thinner than a fabricated deck. It works fine for residential use, but it isn’t quite durable enough for commercial use. Fabricated decks have a thicker plate design, so they are more resistant to cracking or warping. This makes them good for rough terrain.

The Mowing Deck’s Function

The mowing deck is the side part of your lawn mower. It provides housing for the mowing blades, and it prevents lawn cuttings and other debris from shooting all over the place when you are mowing.

The mowing deck comes in different sizes, and this determines how wide the cut from the machine will be. You will find between one and three blades under the deck, and it can be stamped or fabricated.

The Stamped Deck Lawn Mower

A type of deck a mower has refers to how it is made. In this case, the stamped deck is made when the manufacturer uses one piece of steel to “stamp” the metal that is used for the deck. 

This type of mower deck is a simpler construction because they don’t need to use bolts or welding to keep the deck together. They take one piece of metal and form it into the shape of the mower deck.

Most of the household mowers you see are stamped deck mowers, and they are more than enough for homeowners who may cut the grass once a week. They are more affordable, which makes them more accessible to more people. 

Although they use a thinner piece of steel for this type of mowing deck, they are lighter and pose less of a threat to more fragile grasses. They are also lighter, and they are easier to maneuver.

Stamped Deck Mowers: Pros and Cons


  • Lighter
  • More affordable
  • Gentler on grass
  • Better air flow
  • Better maneuverability


  • Less durable
  • Thinner steel

The Fabricated Deck Lawn Mower

The fabricated mowing deck lawn mower differs from the stamped deck because it uses more than one piece of steel to make the mowing deck. The steel is usually a heavier steel plate, and the plates are welded together to form the deck. 

The fabricated deck has better rigidity, and they can be stronger. They are more durable, which matters when they are being used more regularly. They are especially popular for commercial mowers that get a lot of use on a regular basis. 

For this reason, they are quite common in agricultural applications or large construction projects. They tend to be more expensive, which makes them less practical for homeowners. The steel is thicker and more durable, so they can withstand the demands of commercial applications. 

Fabricated Deck Mowers: Pros and Cons


  • Made with thicker steel and welded together
  • More durable and stronger
  • More rugged
  • Better for agricultural or commercial applications


  • More expensive

Determining What Kind of Mower Deck You Have

If you want to know what type of deck your mower has, it is easy to find out. There are several different ways that you can check.

First of all, if you have the owner’s manual or know how to look it up online, you should find out what type of deck you have there. As you go through the manual, look for the parts list. There, it should tell you what type of mowing deck you have. You may also find it on your mower or on the packaging if you still have it.

Another way to tell is to check whether your mower is made of noticeably light, thinner material. If you don’t have anything to compare it to, it can be difficult to tell this way.

Finally, if you have a fabricated deck, it will have spots that are welded and connections where bolts hold it together. A stamped deck mower has just one sheet of metal without bolts. 

The reality is that if you have a mower that was affordable and designed for home use, you probably have a stamped deck mower. There are some lower-end commercial mowers that are stamped as well, but most of the time they use fabricated decks.

Fabricated decks are usually found on large agricultural mowers or other commercial machines. People who need their equipment to hold up for use every day often get a mower with a fabricated deck.

What Is the Deck Size on a Lawn Mower?

Once you understand the difference between stamped deck and fabricated deck mowers, you need to consider the deck size. The mower deck width is the cutting width of the deck. It is the width of the grass that the mower cuts between the two outside mowing blades.

You need to remember that if you buy a 48-inch mower, this doesn’t mean that it will fit through a 48-inch opening. The width is the cutting width of the mower, not the actual width of the entire machine. There is extra space on each side, as well as the anti-scalp rollers and the discharge chute.

You can measure your mower by going from one side to the other with measuring tape. If you don’t have the mower because you are considering purchasing it, make sure that you find out the actual dimensions before you buy it and make sure that it will fit between trees and through openings on your property.

Which Deck Type Is Better?

When people see that something is more expensive, they often think that it must be better. Fabricated deck mowers are more expensive because they use thicker metal, and they require more labor to make. They take several different plates of metal and weld and bolt them together. This makes them stronger and more durable.

However, stamped deck mowers are durable enough to do the job they are made to do. They work fine for most lawns in residential settings. Most homeowners don’t cut their grass more than once a week. Fabricated deck mowers are made to handle more wear and to be used regularly. For this reason, they are made for tough jobs, such as those performed by large agricultural mowers.

Both types have different benefits. Although fabricated decks are tougher and more rigid, stamped deck mowers have better air flow and are usually more flexible. Stamped deck mowers are often smaller, which makes it easier for homeowners to maneuver them around trees and patios.

Will a Stamped Deck Mower Last?

If you are using your stamped deck mower to cut the grass at your home, it will last as long as you take care of it. This type of mower deck is made with thinner metal, so it is more susceptible to damage. You need to be more careful with it. If the deck does get bent, you will need to straighten it out

You can extend the life of your mower by cleaning it after you use it. Wipe off any debris before you put it away. You should also clean the bottom of the deck where grass and debris can accumulate. Some people use a leaf blower to clean out the entire mower after each use.

Make sure that you keep it in a shed or the garage for protection. If you leave it outside, over time, it can rust from the moisture. Keep it somewhere safe so that this doesn’t happen. 

As long as you are using your mower for your yard and you take care of it, a stamped deck mower will last a long time.

When Should You Use a Fabricated Deck Mower?

If you are a homeowner who cuts your grass once a week, you can use a stamped deck mower. However, if you cut grass for a living, you may want to consider a fabricated deck. They are tougher and stronger, and they will hold up better to constant use. 

If you are using your mower for agricultural applications, such as baling hay or other major jobs, you will want to use a fabricated deck mower. Industrial jobs require the heavier gauge steel and the durability afforded by the fabricated deck mowers. 

There are some mowers that are stamped decks that are known to be excellent options. If you are starting out in a lawn care business, you can start with a mower with a stamped deck to improve affordability, but make sure that you choose one that has a good reputation for durability and reliability.

Final Words

There are two different kinds of lawn mower decks: stamped decks and fabricated decks. Stamped decks are made of one sheet of metal that is cut and shaped for a mower. A fabricated deck is made using several sheets of metal that are welded and bolted together. They are generally used for commercial mowers that are used in agriculture or in construction.

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