Is it Worth it to Pay Someone to Mow Your Lawn?

Is it Worth it to Pay Someone to Mow Your Lawn?
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You may be wondering if it’s worth it to pay someone to mow your lawn. Sometimes you can be hard pressed to find time to take care of your own yard because of demands from work, family and other social obligations. It requires a commitment to keep the lawn looking nice, and sometimes you simply don’t have the time.

So is it worth it to pay someone to mow your lawn? 

Paying someone to mow your lawn can provide you with more free time but it can be expensive. If you don’t enjoy cutting the grass, or you’re looking to save yourself some time, paying someone regularly to mow your lawn might be worth it if you can cover the cost.

Consider All the Factors

When deciding whether it’s worth it to pay someone else to mow your lawn, you should consider the following:

  • The Equipment
  • Running/Maintenance Costs
  • Time
  • Enjoyment
  • Whether you’re physically able to do it

Consider the Equipment You Need

The first thing to consider is the equipment you will need. If you mow your lawn yourself, you’ll at least need a mower that works as a bare minimum and it’s no secret than lawn mower’s are not cheap!

If you do not have the right equipment initially, it could potentially be quite pricey to get started.

You will also need extras such as gas and oil for your mower. Finally, you’ll need to factor in maintenance costs in order to maintain your equipment properly so that it lasts.

Lawn mower’s can be fairly complicated appliances, much more than most. This means that they require a fair amount of working knowledge and how to get them repaired. If you’re not interested in this, it may be worth having someone else do it for you.

When you hire someone to mow your lawn, they will have their own equipment. The benefit to this is that you will never need to worry about diagnosing problems, repairs or regular maintenance.  Some people find this to be reason enough to hire someone to mow the lawn while others enjoy getting their hands dirty. It really just comes down to personal preference.

Consider How Much Time it Takes

Depending on the size of your yard, mowing the lawn can be a time commitment. You need to mow it regularly to keep it looking nice. In the spring and summer months, it may need mowing once a week.

On average, to keep your lawn in the best condition, you can expect to mow your lawn between 30 and 35 times a year depending on where you live. 

If you work on the weekends or travel a lot, you may not have time to mow the lawn this much in which case, it can be beneficial to pay someone to do it for you.

If you are physically able to mow the lawn, finding the time to mow the lawn every week can be a great way to get some exercise. Some people even consider it to be therapeutic to use the mower.

If you have the time and enjoy mowing the lawn, it may not be worth it to pay someone else to do it. This is a personal decision that you have to make based on the demands of your time.

Do You Save Money Mowing Your Lawn Yourself?

On the surface, it seems as that you would save money to mow the lawn yourself because you won’t be paying someone else to do it. It’s useful to do a little digging below the surface to determine the actual costs.

The first expense is buying the equipment. If you don’t have these essentials, you’ll need to put the money out first. You can find credit plans where you are essentially paying what you would pay someone to mow your lawn each month and you will own your lawn equipment in the end. A good way to save money is to buy a second hand lawn mower. If it’s been looked after properly, you may be able to find a bargain out there which could help cut the costs.

Next, you need to look at the cost of using and maintaining your lawn equipment.

This will depend on the time of mower you have and the area of yard which you need to cover. Of course, riding mowers and larger lawns will require a lot of extra fuel. 

Next, you need to factor in the costs of taking care of your mower. This includes making sure that you change the oil and that you have the blades sharpened every once in a while so that they stay in good shape.

You may encounter some other unexpected costs too. Certainly, if you don’t maintain your lawn equipment, you will likely face repairs down the road and this could be expensive and interfere with your ability to mow your lawn.

Finally, you need to consider the value of your time. You need to assign a monetary value to the time you would spend mowing the lawn to determine whether it is worth it to pay someone to cut your grass. Perhaps your time is more valuable than the amount you would save by mowing the lawn yourself and you would be better of spending it doing something else.

When you hire someone to mow your lawn, you will pay their fee. This will vary from person to person. They might charge a certain amount per area or even an hourly rate.

In any event, you’ll want to ask around and get some different quotes in order to work out how much you would be spending for someone else to mow your lawn.

Is it Worth it to Pay Someone to Mow the Lawn?

The reality is that you won’t save a lot of money by mowing your lawn yourself, but you will save time if you hire someone to do it for you.

The cost difference is probably not massively. You would probably save some money over a period of time but this does depend on a fair few different factors.

The main factors are the time you spend and whether or not you enjoy mowing.

Of course, you need to be physically able to mow your lawn too. If you are able to cut your grass, you’ll get the added benefit of some extra exercise.

Another factor to consider is whether you need to buy the lawn equipment and how much you know about maintaining it.

Many people find that it is worthwhile to hire someone to mow the lawn. They don’t have to worry about lawn equipment, they’re not interesting in anything else apart from a nice looking lawn which works out great for them.

Unless you enjoy mowing the lawn, it might be a good idea to pay someone to do it for you.

In Summary

Some people think that are saving money by cutting the lawn themselves, but they may not enjoy doing it.

The answer is that you save very little money over time, and if you have to buy equipment up front, it will take years to pay for itself. Unless you have extra time and you enjoy mowing the lawn, it might be worthwhile to pay someone else to do it.

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