Spiders in the Lawn (and how to get rid of them)

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If you spend any time maintaining your grass, you have probably seen spiders. There are a number of different types that are fairly common to see, and some can be large with large, elaborate webs.

You may want to know whether these spiders are beneficial or whether they are dangerous. You may also want to know how to eliminate them. The fact is that when you let your grass and vegetation become overgrown, it provides the perfect environment to attract spiders. Continue reading to learn all about spiders in the lawn.

Types of Lawn Spiders

First of all, you will want to identify what types of spiders you have in your lawn. Although there are many different species, some are more common than others.

1. Grass Spiders

The most common spider is the Grass Spider, also called Agelenopsis SPP. They grow to around 19 mm in length, and their hind spinners are noticeable. You will also see dark bands that grow on the sides of its cephalothorax. The Grass Spider builds webs that are shaped like funnels. You will notice them in the grass, as they build these webs between the grass blades. The web is there to catch insects that wander on the surface of the lawn, but the web isn’t sticky. These spiders are fast runners, and they can startle you. 

When it gets cold outside, the Grass Spider might move toward your home. They will die when winter comes, and you don’t have to worry about them because they are not dangerous to people. They may bite you, but their venom doesn’t harm people. The best way to prevent them from moving into your lawn is to maintain your lawn regularly and keep your grass short.

2. Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders look similar to Grass Spiders because they have similar thoracic stripes. However, the wolf spider’s stripes are noticeably thicker. Unlike Grass Spiders, Wolf Spiders do not spin webs at all. They burrow in small holes in your yard, and they hide inside of them while they wait for their prey. They attack their prey directly when it comes. 

Wolf Spiders are very fast, and they have excellent eyesight and spiky legs that allow them to jump. They are one of the top predators in the spider family in your yard. If you have a lot of insects in your yard, you are likely to have wolf spiders as well. They live in environments where it is easy for them to hunt and find their prey. 

Wolf Spiders might bite you if you disturb them. Their bite can hurt, but it isn’t dangerous to you. They won’t attack you, but if you interfere in their burrows or surprise one of them, it will try to bite you.

3. Hobo Spider

Hobo Spiders are another spider that builds funnel webs in your grass. They are most common in the northwest of the United States. They can be difficult to identify because they look similar to a lot of different spiders. They have a brown body with a gray abdomen area, and they can have some yellow markings. They also have long legs. 

If you see small webs all over your grass, you likely have Hobo Spiders living there. It can be confused with a Wolf Spider, but Wolf Spiders don’t spin webs. They move into yards where there are plenty of insects to eat and where the grass is left alone most of the time. 

Hobo Spiders do not usually come after people to bite them, even though they are aggressive in hunting their prey. However, if you get too close, it might bite you. Their venom is dangerous, so you will want to get medical treatment right away if you are bitten.

Problems Caused by Spiders

Spiders don’t cause a lot of problems because they help to control your lawn insect population. However, if you have too many, it can make your property look like you don’t take care of it. In addition, if there are too many spiders, they can bite you in self-defense when they are disturbed. 

The actual problem is not so much the spiders but the insects that are attracting them. Predators such as these spiders wouldn’t move into your yard unless they have a food source, so you should consider the spider population a sign of what kind of insects you have. If you take care of your lawn, you will have fewer insects and fewer spiders.

Are These Types of Spiders Dangerous?

Different types of spiders have different levels of danger. Some spiders are harmless, while others can be more aggressive. When you look at these types of lawn spiders, each one is a little different. 

Grass Spiders do not usually bite people, but they can if you get too close and disturb them. They will not attack you; they are simply protecting themselves. Their bite is not dangerous because their venom is not harmful to people. 

Wolf Spiders are known to bite people, especially if you bother them. They aren’t aggressive, so they won’t chase after you to attack you, but if you get in their space, you can expect to be bitten. They do have venom, but it is not harmful to people. However, their bites can hurt. 

Hobo Spiders are unlikely to bite you unless you get in their way. The problem with these spiders is that their venom can cause you to have symptoms. You will want to seek medical treatment.

How to Get Rid of Spiders in the Lawn

If you find a web popping up in your grass on occasion, you can just wash it away with your garden hose or sweep it with your broom. However, if you have a problem, you can use a treatment to get rid of the spiders. Take a look at a few different products that you can use.

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer

This insect control product is a great choice for killing outdoor insects, and it has long lasting control for up to three months. It kills 235 different insects, including spiders, and it creates a barrier to keep them out of your home.

Roundup for Lawns Bug Destroyer

This product will kill over 100 insects including spiders for three months. It gets them both above and below the surface of the lawn, and it won’t harm your lawn. This is a great product to help you get rid of a spider and insect infestation.

BioAdvanced Science Based Solutions Pest Control

This is another great product, and it will kill insects and spiders within 24 hours and keep them away for three months. You can use it on soil and lawns around your home, and it has the added benefit of killing mosquitoes. It kills a listed 30 insects including spiders.  

Getting Professional Help

You can call a professional if you have an out of control infestation, or you might call them because you don’t want to handle the problem yourself.

The professional exterminators have years of experience in removing spiders and other insects from your yard, and they will know the best possible treatment. They will have many different options available, including safe methods to remove spiders if you have children or pets that you worry about.

If you notice an infestation, you may want to call a professional to come in and help you come up with a treatment and maintenance plan.

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