Does Mowing Grass Kill Weeds?

Does Mowing Grass Kill Weeds?
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Weeds in your lawn are a problem for a variety of reasons. They complete with the grass for air, water and nutrients. Weeds are unsightly too and they will absolutely take over your lawn if you don’t care of them.

Some people reject the idea of using chemical treatments and revert to using natural methods to get rid of weeds in their lawn. You might be wondering if your lawn mower will kill the weeds in your grass and if this an effective method to keep them at bay.

That’s what we’ll try to answer here.

Why Mowing the Lawn Regularly Is Good for Killing/Preventing Weeds

Mowing the lawn regularly can help to prevent weeds in your lawn for several reasons.

  • It damages the weed plant
  • It prevents the weed from flourishing
  • It greatly improves the health of your lawn which is the best preventative care for a lawn full of weeds.

There are many different methods of getting rid of weeds in your lawn but I find a preventative approach is the best way to take care of the problem.

Ultimately, keeping your lawn healthy and thick will result in you having less weeds in your yard.

From there, you can address any minor problems.

Does Cutting Grass Spread Weeds?

Many people fear that mowing a lawn full of weeds will result in further spread.

Mowing the lawn may not always remove the root of the weed. It also has the potential the throw out seeds back into your lawn which may be making your problem even worse.

To avoid this problem, be sure to use a catcher on your lawn mower. This will prevent any seeds you pick up mowing from being spread back into your lawn.

How Mowing Height Affects Weed Growth in Your Lawn

You may be tempted to mow your lawn extremely short to get that golf course look but this can actually be counterproductive when it comes to weed control in your lawn.

By mowing your grass too short, you are making it easier for the weed seeds to get into soil.

Also, the less grass cover, the more sunlight there is which is essential for weed growth.

It all comes down to competition for sunlight, water and nutrients.

The healthier and the denser your grass is, the more difficult it is for the weeds to compete in your lawn.

We recommend that you mow to at least three inches to help keep weeds out of your yard.

The best height will depend on the type of grass that you have in your yard. You’ll need to adjust your mower’s height accordingly.

This is just one example of why it’s critical you following an appropriate maintenance program for your lawn.

Should You Mow the Grass if You See Weeds Starting to Sprout Up?

The presence of weeds in your grass is not a good reason to skip a mow.

It should be all the more reason to get out and mow your lawn every single week to keep the weeds at bay.

The overwhelming majority of weeds in your lawn can be controlled with proper mowing.

The bigger the weeds get and the longer you wait between mowing the grass, the more they will be able to thrive.

This makes them harder to kill and your grass will become weaker as the weeds grow.

The weeds become a problem for your lawn because they start to compete with your grass for space and nutrients.

It is good mow the grass if you see weeds sprouting up. As the weeds in your lawn begin to spread, the problem will likely get worse and worse so don’t ever skip a mow because of the presence of a weed.

The weeds in your lawn will ultimately stop growing after repeated mowing.

It’s all the more reason to get out there and mow it every single week!

Why Your Lawn Mower Might Be Spreading Weeds

If your mower deck is full of grass clippings and dirt, you might be contributing to the weed problem.

A deck that is full of grass from the previous mow may end up getting dropped you’re your lawn during your next mow.

It’s possible to spread the seeds back into which might result in weeds sprouting in your yard so it’s a good idea to clean out the deck and anywhere else under the mower.

To do this, you could use a high-pressure hose to keep it clear.

I use this MoJack deck scraper (link to Amazon). It’s pretty cheap but it often comes in handy.

In Summary – Does Mowing Grass Kill Weeds

Preventing weeds in your lawn isn’t too difficult if you provide the proper care your grass needs.

Frequent mowing and a proper fertilizing schedule should be enough to prevent the majority of weeds from growing in your yard.

This is the best strategy because you want to limit the amount of chemical use on your lawn if possible.

It’s also less work too!

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