Deep Deck vs. Shallow Deck Lawnmowers: Which One Is Best?

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The deck of a lawnmower can be big or small or anything in between. In fact, if you go to a home-improvement store to shop for lawnmowers, you’ll realize how many sizes they have these days. The deck size can also be shallow or deep, with each type having both pros and cons. But “deck size” can mean both the width of the deck and the blades, and the depth of
the deck. 

The depth of the deck is important because it affects both how easy it is to cut your grass and how efficient the job ends up being. Just as with the width of the blades, the depth of the deck matters because it can make certain jobs much easier, especially if you have damp
or very long grass.

What Are Shallow Deck Lawnmowers?

Most lawnmowers have a shallow deck, which means that they aren’t all that tall. That being said, it doesn’t usually matter. If you have a small yard or you cut grass regularly so it never gets too long, these lawnmowers can accommodate the job. In most cases and for most people, shallow-deck lawnmowers are perfectly able to do the job of cutting your lawn and making it look good in the end.

What is the main advantage of choosing a lawnmower with a shallow deck or one that isn’t too tall? One of the advantages is that since the engine shaft is short, there is a lesser chance of the shaft bending or malfunctioning.

The disadvantage of a shallow deck is its inability to efficiently cut long, thick, or dense grass. It can also be a bit time-consuming when you’re trying to use this type of mower for tall or thick grass. In other words, shallow deck lawnmowers are truly made for small yards and fairly short grass because mowing larger lots or thicker grass is just too difficult and takes far too long.

Another disadvantage is that with short (shallow) decks, objects that you run over with the mower can be thrown out from underneath the mower easily, which is potentially dangerous.

What Are Deep Deck Lawnmowers?

Deep-deck lawnmowers usually sit around five inches above the ground, making them perfect for mowing thick or very tall grass. The tall deck not only gives you great cutting ability, but it also makes mulching and bagging a lot easier.

Deep decks help pull the grass up close to the blade so that cutting the grass is a lot more efficient, and they also reduce the chances of having grass clog up on your blades and prevent them from working properly. If you have a large yard or you go long periods in between mowing your lawn, a deep-deck lawnmower might be the answer.

Lawnmowers with deep decks create tighter vacuums, which means that just the right amount of air is flowing underneath the mower as you work with it. This in turn makes the blades of grass stand up better so that when they are cut, they are very even and neat-looking. In fact, it is the increased airflow that enables the mower to work so well.

Airflow is important when you’re cutting grass, and so is a wide discharge chute. If you choose a lawnmower with a deep and wide deck and a large chute, the grass is dispersed much better, and it’s all due to the amount of airflow you’re utilizing with this type of mower.

Which Type of Mower Works Best?

The word “best” is essentially subjective, but for all practical purposes, a lawnmower with a deep deck is usually preferred over one that has a shallow deck. It makes cutting, bagging, and mulching a lot easier. Just because it is good for cutting long and tall grass efficiently doesn’t mean that it can’t handle shorter grass or smaller lots.

You can use a deep deck lawnmower with most lawns, regardless of the size of the lawn, and it ensures that the job will be done efficiently and quickly every time. After all, when you mow your lawn, you expect efficiency and you sure don’t want to spend all day working on the task. Deep deck lawnmowers do the job well and do it fast, and they will not disappoint.

Shopping for lawnmowers can be a challenge because there are so many of them out there. Deciding between a deep deck and a shallow one can be difficult, but the bottom line is unless you’re dead-set on choosing a shallow deck lawnmower because you are 100% confident that you’ll never have a large piece of property, you might as well go ahead and get one with a deep deck.

Deep decks allow you to buy a larger lot at some point without having to buy another lawnmower. Regardless of how big your yard is, you’ll be prepared with a deep-deck lawnmower, especially if you choose one that has a wide deck, a large chute, and blades that are large enough to handle any job that you put in front of it.

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