Can You Mow the Lawn Barefoot? | Is It Dangerous?

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You might love the way that the cool grass and earth feel on your bare feet. If you’re out mowing the lawn, it can seem like a great way to kill two birds with one stone; It might seem like a great idea to cut the grass while enjoying the feeling of the soft ground under your feet but is this safe? Can you mow the lawn barefoot?

You should not mow the lawn barefoot. In addition to the danger of cutting your feet, the mower can send debris flying. You can also step on objects hidden under the grass, such as branches, rocks, or other sharp items. Always wear closed-toe shoes when you mow the lawn.

If you shouldn’t mow the lawn barefoot then what should you wear? 

I recommend the Kujo lightweight breathable yard work shoe (link to Amazon). I use them for all my yard work.

American Podiatric Medical Association
The American Podiatric Medical Association advises that you wear hard-top shoes while mowing the lawn.

Why Do People Enjoy Walking on the Grass Barefoot?

You may know how good it feels to make direct contact with a fresh lawn. Especially during the heat of summer, it can certainly be refreshing to walk outside without wearing any shoes.

Dangers of Mowing the Lawn Barefoot

Although mowing the lawn seems to be a perfect time to feel the cool grass on your feet, we do not recommend doing so. In fact, you shouldn’t wear flip-flops, sandals or other open toe shoes either.

Protect Yourself
You should always wear closed shoes that can protect your feet. In addition, it is recommended that you cover your legs to prevent them from being harmed by flying debris.

The lawnmower has a metal blade underneath that spins at a very fast rate to cut the grass. The speed of this rotation is what allows your lawn to have that nice clean look. Some lawn mowers require you to push while others are self-propelling. This could potentially be even more dangerous because you could stand in the wrong place and the mower could run over your foot.

Ride-on mowers pose a different kind of threat because you are on the machine. However, you still need to step up and down and you will have debris being tossed out if the mower runs over it. In addition, every time you jump down off the mower, you could land on a sharp rock or twig and something as simple as a piece of mulch facing the wrong way can pierce your foot.

We Do Not Recommend Mowing the Lawn Barefoot
The dangers of injuring your feet outweigh the benefits of being barefoot when you mow the lawn.

When to Walk Barefoot on the Lawn

Once you finish mowing the lawn and put your mower away, you can walk barefoot on the freshly cut grass. You will no longer run the risk of being harmed by the machine or its blades and there won’t be any flying debris. You can remove your shoes and feel the freshly cut grass on your feet once you finish the job.

In addition, you will have found most of the sharp objects that lurk under the surface of the grass. When you mow the lawn, you will notice rocks, twigs, and other sharp objects. Sometimes you may hear a loud sound when the blades hit them. You should stop and pick them up as you encounter these. The reason for this is that it can damage your mower’s blades if you continue running over them. This will be better for your mower and it will give you a soft place to walk barefoot on the lawn while avoiding injury.

Take Safety Precautions If You Decide to Mow the Lawn Barefoot

If you have weighed the risks and decide to mow the lawn barefoot anyway, here are some safety tips:

  • Always be aware of where your mower is and never let your feet get close to the body of the machine.
  • In addition, pay attention to the terrain. If you have a flat lawn that is regularly mowed, it is less likely to have hidden objects that will hurt you.
  • Use a grass catcher on your mower to prevent it from sending debris out the side and make sure that you know how to turn the mower off if anything goes wrong.

We do not recommend mowing the lawn barefoot. If you choose do it, you should at least take the above precautions

Final Words

It seems that it would be a great time to feel the cool grass between your toes. The problem is that it is simply too dangerous and you should not risk it. A lawnmower is a serious machine and it uses sharp metal blades to cut the grass and you want to avoid injuring yourself. The best thing to do is to mow the lawn and then take a walk when you are finished. Your grass will grow back but your feet will not!

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