Best Tire Pressure for a Zero Turn Mower

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A zero turn mower is well know for the fact that it can turn on a zero-degree turn radius. As a result, the mower can turn a full circle without missing any patches of grass. There are several different types of zero turn mowers and the right one for you all depends on the size, the incline, and the landscaping of your yard. Whether or not you have a commercial or residential area is also something to consider when shopping for a ZTR.

Believe it or not, your mower’s tire pressure can also have a significant impact on your lawn. If you own a zero turn mower and are curious to know what the best tire pressure for it is, keep reading. 

The best tire pressure for a zero turn mower can be anything between 8 and 50 PSI. The front tires on a zero turn mower usually require a higher PSI than the rear tires. The maximum PSI can usually be found on the side of each tire.

Tire Pressure Matters!

After all, the tires are what will ultimately help direct the movement of the mower. The pressure in the tires is important because a tire pressure that is too low can affect steering. This in turn, can cause the mower to wobble and create an uneven cut. 

Pay Attention to the Maximum PSI

It’s also important that you don’t overinflate your tires.

This can result in tire failure so be careful when you’re filling them up.

Servicing the Tire Pressure

Before you get started, you’ll want to verify the maximum psi for the specific tire on your lawn mower. Do not assume the max psi is the same for all tires on a ZTR (they are probably different).

Do not ever fill the tire above the maximum pressure threshold!  This could lead to your tire exploding which is obviously dangerous.

To test the pressure, you need to carefully remove the cap. 

Next, you’ll want to hook up your pressure gauge and test out the pressure. You can get one here for pretty cheap (link to Amazon).

If it’s low…
I’d recommend filling the tire up to 2-3 psi less than the maximum. 

To fill the tire, you’ll need to use a compressor.

This Craftsman air compressor (link to Amazon) works wonders.

Once you’re done, recheck the pressure with the gauge and then you’re good to go.

Make sure you check the max psi for each tire! Typically on a ZTR, the rear tires are much larger than the front tires. They usually require a lower psi too so don’t just assume all the tires are the same.

Other Issues with Tires to Consider

 Aside from making sure that your zero turn mower’s tire pressure is where it needs to be, there are other problems to look out for with your tires that could have a negative effect on your lawn. One of these things is dry rot. Dry rot is the term used to describe tire decay caused by being regularly exposed to harmful substances and conditions. 

While minor dry rot can be fixed using a sealant, it can continue to get worse, eventually making your tires unsafe for driving. You can check for dry rot by looking at the tire’s sidewall and checking for cracks. 

A worn tread is another issue that may often come up with your tires. When your tires have less than 2/32-inch of tread remaining, they will need to be replaced. 

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