How Much Does a Zero Turn Mower Cost?

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Zero turn mowers help you mow tighter parts of your lawn. They also allow you to cut your grass with a professional finish. They are mowers that have casters in front, so they can turn in their tracks 180 degrees. As a result, you can reverse direction once you get to the end of a row that you are cutting.

There are many different models and brands, and the price can vary. Generally, it is a reasonably expensive piece of equipment that can make your mowing much easier. Continue reading to learn about zero turn mowers.

Zero turn mowers cost between $1,000 and $20,000 depending on the style and features. A zero turn lawn mower with a 34 inch cutting deck size may only cost $1,000, while a commercial zero turn mower with a 70 inch cutting deck can cost more than $15,000.

18 ZTR Mower Price Examples

Here are examples of 18 zero turn mowers along with their prices:

  • Husqvarna Z254 54” 26 HP Kohler Engine Hydrostatic ZTR: $3,195
  • Craftsman Z525 Zero Turn Gas Powered Lawn Mower: $2,799
  • Ariens IKON XD-52 52” 24HP Kohler Zero Turn Lawn Mower: $3,799
  • Husqvarna Z248F 48” 21.5hP Kawasaki Hydrostatic ZTR: $3,198
  • Husqvarna MZ61 61” 24 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic ZTR: $5,999
  • Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1-54 24HP Zero turn Riding Mower: $3,199
  • John Deere Z355E 22 HP 48” ZTR: $2,999
  • Bad Boy MZ 42” Zero Turn Mower: $2,999
  • Cub Cadet Yktuna ZT2 60” Zero Turn Mower: $4,299
  • Toro TimeCutter SS4225 42” 22.5HP Zero Turn Mower: $1,034
  • Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 42” 22 HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower: $1,756
  • John Deere Z345R 42” 22HP GAS Dual Hydrostatic Zero Turn Mower: $2,922
  • Ryobi 42” 75Ah Battery Electric Zero Turn Riding Mower: $3,999
  • John Deere Z365R 48” 24HP GAS Dual Hydrostatic ZTR: $3,399
  • EGO ZT4204L 42” Zero Turn Mower: $4,999
  • Bad Boy MZ Magnum 54” Zero Turning Mower: $3,499
  • Snapper 360Z 18HP 603cc Kawasaki 36” Fab Z-Turn Mower: $2,749
  • Toro 75313 60” Titan MyRide Zero Turn Mower: $5,799

Why Does the Price Vary?

As you can see from the examples above, the price of a zero turn mower can vary quite a bit. It is important to look at the detailed specs to understand the differences and make sure that you get the zero turn mower that you need.

You don’t want to spend more to buy one that has features that you won’t use, but you also want to make sure that you get a mower that can do the job effortlessly. Take a look at some of the variables that impact the price of a zero turn mower.

Cutting Width

The cutting width will show you how much the mower cuts in each pass. For example, if it says 42”, then the width of the cut is going to be forty-two inches. Mowers with a higher cutting width will cost more. If you have a large property or you do commercial mowing, having a larger cutting width will save time because it cuts more grass with each pass.

You will want to know the size of your yard to choose the ideal size. If you have a lawn that is under an acre, you can use a ZTR that has a cutting width of 30 to 42 inches. If you have one or two acres, you will want a 42- to 52-inch cutting width. For two to three acres, you should choose between 50 and 54 inches for the cut width, and for three to five acres, you will want between 54 and 62 inches. Anything larger than five acres will do best with a ZTR that has a 60-inch or greater cutting width.

It is important to look at your needs and then decide what size cutting width is best for you. If you buy one that is too small for your property, it will end up taking too long to get the job done, but remember that the more cutting width you have, the more expensive the ZTR will be.

Age of Mower

As is the case with different mowers, there is a steep depreciation after the first year of use. In general, they depreciate by around 31% the first year. After that, it only goes down by roughly a half a percent each year. What this means is that you can save a lot of money by buying a used ZTR that is around a year old. For example, if the new price is $3,000, then after a year, the same mower might cost just over $2,000. The age of the mower has an impact on its price, with the greatest depreciation coming after the first year.


Another factor in the price is the features that the mower has. When it has more features, it will be more expensive. Some features might include having a deck that is fabricated from one piece of metal versus a deck that is welded together from several pieces. Having a thicker deck will raise the price of the mower. The deck size is also a factor, with larger decks being more expensive.

These mowers can be gas-powered or electric, and the electric models are quieter and avoid using gas. Some have controls to help you control mulch, and they can have different engines that range in horsepower. You should review all of the features on the different mowers to determine which one has the features you need.

The Cost of Buying a Used ZTR Mower vs. New

Zero turn mowers will help you mow your lawn efficiently, but they can be very expensive. As a result, people often look to used ZTR mowers to save on this initial cost. If the price of the used ZTR mower is too good to be true, you should investigate further. There is no point in saving money and getting a machine that doesn’t work properly.

ZTR mowers generally depreciate by 31% after the first year, so you can save a lot of money buying one that is a year old. After the first year, it depreciates slowly, so the best deal is going to be on a mower that is about a year old.

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