Broadcast Spreader Buyer’s Guide

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A spreader is one of the most useful lawn care products you can get. They provide a quick and easy way to get grass seed and granular lawn care products down onto lawn effectively. I’ve use mine for so many different purposes.

If you’re looking to apply a herbicide, fungicide or something similar, you may prefer to go with a backpack sprayer. Backpack sprayers tend to be better if you’re putting down a liquid product where you may need to be a little more precise in your application.

My top pick is the Scotts Elite Spreader (link to check the price on Amazon).


  • Soft, foam tires – They’re not pneumatic but they’re pretty big
  • This one has dual feeders
  • The spread pattern is claimed to be 72″
  • Holds around 20,000 sq ft of granular
  • Edge guard
  • Standard Dial (1-15, 15 being the smallest)

This elite model is little bit more pricey than the Scotts turf builder (green one) which I also used to own. I’d recommend checking that one out here if want something a little smaller and cheaper. That one lasted me over a decade and I still recommend that one but I wanted to give the elite spreader a try. My lawn is only about 6000 sq ft so it’s not huge by any stretch of the imagination and using this product worked perfectly well for a lawn of that size.

The great thing about going with a brand like Scott’s for a spreader is that a lot of the fertilizer companies will already have have the spreader settings on the bag for your model which is nice and convenient.

In my opinion, the best thing about the elite spreader is the edge guard feature. Not only does the side get blocked off but the spreader actually stops the product from dropping in too which reduces the amount of thats drops down onto the ground. This makes it great if you want to go around your flower beds or around a drive way.

I would classify this model as a professional grade model. Most of the parts are plastic except for the frame which is metal and the tires aren’t pneumatic. For me personally, I don’t need a professional grade which can get quite pricey.

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