Dethatcher Buyer’s Guide

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This dethatcher is a great low cost option and it’s probably the most popular model on the market. It’s an electric product and what I love about it best is the simplicity of the machine.

It’s easy to use, reliable and the best apart about it is that it’s ridiculously cheap. I’ve used power rakes which cost over $2000 before and this is a fraction of the cost. Meanwhile I haven’t noticed a huge difference in the quality between the two. Its pretty impressive how well the Greenworks dethatcher performs in comparison to top of the range power rakes. You might need an extra pass with the Greenworks than a heavy duty power rake but the result really aren’t all that different.

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It’s really simple to get everything connected. The power plug is easy to plug in and the product comes with an attachment to help keep the power cord out of the way which is nice. You get a 50-foot extension cord too. It’s easy to start with a basic push button and once it’s up and running, it will dethatch smoothly and quietly.

Another thing I love about the product is the ability to store it. It folds away nicely which is definitely not always the case with larger power rakes. One of the criticism I’ve seen about this product is that the 14-inch size is too small and should be to reduce dethatching time but I think the size is a nice trade off.

It’s got spring loaded tines which are angled and do a great job of pulling thatch out of the ground. I’ve found it works well to start with a high setting and the drop down lower later. Changing the height setting on this product is pretty easy to do too. You just pull out the on the wheel base and twist the knob to adjust up or down and then repeat on the other side. There are three different options – a low base, a middle and a high. It’s clearly marked.

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