Handheld Spreader Buyer’s Guide

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If you’re looking for a small, well-priced and easy to use spreader, I highly recommend the Scott’s Wizz handheld spreader (Once you get that sticky label off!). I picked up one of these a couple of years ago and it’s certainly been a handy thing to have around.

I use mine for putting different products like fertilizer, bird seed and salt. If I’m looking after a larger lawn, I’d definitely prefer to use a broadcast spreader but there are cases when a handheld spreader is more appropriate.

If you’re just looking after a small yard, you do not need to pull out a large broadcast spreader. You should be fine to stick with a handheld spreader. Handheld spreaders are great when you’re trying to apply a really small amount of a particular product. You tend to have a little more control of how much you’re putting down.

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This product has 2,500 sq ft capacity so it’s no big deal to fill it up a couple of times to completely cover a lawn. If you’ve got a lawn that’s under 5000 sq ft, I’d say this product is more than suitable.

Why I love it…

Most of the handheld spreaders out there are operated with a rotary hand crank and I’ve used some of these for small seeding. While these are fine for a while, it can be pretty tiring for your wrists and arms. The great thing about the Scotts Wizz is that’s it’s battery operated so you don’t have to worry about your forearms burning anymore. It’s got an on/off switch on the top and a trigger handle so its very simple to use.

One thing I love about this product is that it has an edge guard on it which basically stops your product from spilling out onto an area where you don’t want the product to go. You can go right alongside a driveway or a flower bed without it spilling over.

One thing to be aware of is that this product cannot get wet. If you want to clean it, you’re going to need to hand wipe it with a clean cloth and put it a way for indoor storage. This product cannot be stored outdoors.

Some people prefer a rotary hand crank to avoid long term issues with the battery and that’s totally fine. Scotts make the handy green hand-held broadcast spreader which I’ve used for many years. You can check that out here.

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